About us

Art Rahit


We at Art Rahit with offices in Middle East and the USA present modern antique French styled furniture. In our design and manufacturing work we make us of 30 years of experience in design and study of antique furniture with an emphasis on creating the most exquisite pieces of furniture with modern state of the art techniques and high quality production, mostly by artists and carpenters who work passionately to manufacture the most beautiful French furniture.

We are proud to offer a wide variety of new furniture, which is based on modern production methods, with careful copying and producing beautiful  furniture based on antique French models which are copied authentically and improved to current modern state of the art techniques. These furniture pieces have won international recognition and praise for the rich and varied details which include among others wood carvings, surfaces are further enriched with 24 Karat paper gold. Moreover the detail of the wood carvings are enhanced with sculptures and hand paintings as well.

Our furniture is all carved out from the best quality woods. It is manufactured by hand of the artist the manufacturing process is varied and the artist are true masters in their various art desiplines. Their are also metal parts copper and brass figures manufactured by artists and added on to the furniture peace to enhance their beautiful finish and exquisite form. Drawings on the pieces of furniture are done by sophisticated painters and other artists. Many of the pieces have inlays, some of wood, various metal inlays or even silver and other precious pieces of glass. Also the drapes and cloth used to give final form, are chosen by experienced personal and these part of the work is done by

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